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The purpose of Baytown Engage is to provide a platform for community members to share experiences, projects and innovation unique to Baytown.

We bring you a fun and informative episode with two of our community teens who were selected to be part of the City of Baytown's Teen Round Table. Listen as Katie, the Teen Round Table Coordinator and our Teen Librarian discusses with Daisy and Seleni their journey to the committee, their big WHY for applying, and what they hope for the future of the Teen Round Table and what it means for Baytown Teens.




If you are a Teen looking for fun interactive programs to join in Baytown contact Teen Librarian, Katie Beverly, at

Today we sit with Jamie Eustace our City Librarian and Library Director, Sabrina Martin the Communtiy Engagement Coordinator, and Lesley Kohles our Technology Librarian. We discuss the newly formed Baytown Engage Civic Academy. The Academy was created to add a new informative tool to help our citizens gain a better understanding of our local government, all the ins and outs of City departments, and to awaken a new understanding of what really goes into running a city to hopefully create better stewards of the community. The program admission process starts April 12th through April 30th.

For more information, and to apply, head over to: 

If you have any questions feel free to contact Sabrina Martin at: 


Today we sit with Martin Scribner the Director of Planning & Development, Christopher Chavis the Communtiy Development Manager, and Sharon Rose the Communtiy Development Generalist. We discussed their journey to the City of Baytown, all the wonderful things  Planning & Development really provides our City/  citizens, and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Planning has some great upcoming projects, and events, all geared towards our citizens and the betterment of the city. Enjoy!

Find many of the projects on the City of Baytown website at

Also find City upcoming projects on our Baytown Engage website at 

Welcome Back!

Today we have an absolute treat! We have our fearless leader, the one that pulls this city together,  our very own City Manger Mr. Rick Davis! Mr. Davis shared with us his real connection to Baytown,  the surprises he has faced in his 6 years with us, our past and present Strategic Plan, and how the citizens of Baytown have played a vital part in the process. Mr. Davis also shares what he thinks everyone from here, and not, should recognize about our amazing city! Enjoy!


Be sure to visit !

Today we welcome Dr. Marie Alcazar and Detective Lance Watkins with Built4Agility. Detective Watkins,  a City of Baytown Detective, and Dr. Alcazar have been working together to bring awareness, understanding, and unity to many social issues we have been facing as a society.  They have found a way to bridge the gap between citizens and law enforcement with unifying joint meetings that opens the floor for healing dialog to bring about understanding. We discussed their individual journeys that have led them to working together and their amazing work Built4Agility is doing for the community. Enjoy!

We had the pleasure to sit with long time Baytown resident, and educator, Dr. Precious L. Reimonenq. Dr. Reimonenq discussed her journey in education, the many challenges meeting the students' wellness needs in 2020 dealing with COVID, and how Goose Creek ISD is putting in great work into the wellness of its students, and parents with the Counseling & Student Wellness Department and a vast amount of resources and help! Enjoy. 

Seeking help:

Behavior & Mental Health ~ 281-707-3738

Social & Emotional Leaning ~ 346-216-3232

Seeking help and resources:


Please enjoy this fun, and extremely informative, episode with our very own City Librarian/Director Jamie Eustace and our Community Engagement Coordinator Sabrina Martin. Both sit with us to discuss the all new Empowerment Grants, what they are, the purpose, and their excitement of what these grants mean for Baytown neighborhoods. Remember that is the place to see the narrow focus on all City of Baytown projects and to get your voice, and concerns, heard! 

We welcome our new District 5 Councilman, Jacob Powell, to the show! During this episode we discussed his journey from Alabama to Baytown, his love of service and serving, and how it was running for council during a pandemic. Mr. Powell shared what is is excited about and the challenges he is ready to face head on. Enjoy!

Councilman Jacob Powell, District 5


During this fun episode we welcome  Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Cliff Hatch. Cliff discusses his journey to making the City of Baytown his home, the great work displayed by the Parks & Rec crew during the pandemic shutdown in 2020, and his own personal battle with COVID. Cliff shared upcoming projects Parks & Rec have planned, and the return of Pop-Up Parks starting in March!


Today we sit with a true staple for our community: Mrs. Donna Mohlman. Mrs. Mohlman is the Community Engagement Specialist for Lee College and a long time volunteer for The Little Libraries. We discussed her journey from school librarian to Lee College and her work with The Little Libraries. Her love of serving, and education, has kept her on the path to bring books, and community love, to homes across Baytown and all surrounding areas. Enjoy!


To contact Mrs. Mohlman about The Little Libraries:


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